Character Suggestions

Fleshing Out Your Character

The campaign’s storyline will be heavily influenced by its cast of characters — the PCs. It is important, therefore, to create a background or core idea of your character before the game starts. This will help make your character come alive in your mind and to the fellow players.


You should select a background from the Dark Sun Campaign Setting book that best matches your character concept. There are backgrounds for each race and geographic region. You do not have to adhere to the description as written, as backgrounds are intended as springboards for imagination.

Character Concepts

When building a character, you should consider why he or she might be motivated to get involved with the power struggle in Tyr following King Kalak’s death. Here are a few suggestions of race/class/theme/background combinations, along with motivations for joining the fray:

  • Aram, Mul Warlord (Gladiator theme, Freed Slave background): Aram was a successful gladiator in the months before Kalak’s death. After the slaves were freed, he became a member of the Scarlet Helms, the guards who patrol the Noble District. He is a born leader, and warriors are drawn to fight for him. Consequently, he is likely to be sought to lead troops by one of the factions vying for power in Tyr.
  • Elisee, Elf Rogue (Wilder theme, Market Thief background): Elisee has survived as a pickpocket and sometimes burglar, aided by a few psionic wild talents. She sees the chaos in Tyr as an opportunity to improve her lot in life with real wealth and power.
  • Pirellius, Human Wizard (Veiled Alliance theme, Revolutionary background): Pirellius is a member of Tyr’s Veiled Alliance cell, and he contributed in minor ways to the plot to remove Kalak. He wants nothing more than to see the sorcerer-kings destroyed, and he’ll make sure people with the same views take power in Tyr.
  • Lud, Half-Giant Fighter (Escaped Slave theme, Half-Giant Laborer background): Lud escaped from slavery in Tyr years ago and fled to Urik, where he scraped by doing menial labor. But hatred for the templars who owned him still seethes within him, and he is determined to prevent the templars from holding power in Tyr.

Other suggestions

  • Halfling Druid (Primal Guardian theme): A wanderer from the Forest Ridge
  • Thri-Kreen Ranger (Wasteland Nomad theme): A hunter in search of a new clutch
  • Human Psion (Noble Adept theme): A minor noble of conscience seeking to better the world
  • Human/Elf Shaman (Elemental Priest theme): A hermit or the wise one for a tribe with prophetic dreams of Tyr’s future
  • Human/Half-Elf Sorcerer-King Pact Warlock (Templar theme): One of Tyr’s templars whose life has been turned upside down by Kalak’s death. Does he thirst for power himself, or just fear for his well-being?
  • Half-Elf Ardent (Dune Trader theme): An ambitious merchant whose talent for negotiation may be aided by a newly awakened empathic gift

Character Suggestions

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